The world’s new largest office building is bigger than the Pentagon


Surat Diamond Bourse

Antwerp, the renowned Belgian city, has long been hailed as the world's diamond trading hub, while the majority of rough stones originate from Russia or Africa. However, tucked away 150 miles north of Mumbai, India, lies a hidden gem of its own: Surat, a lesser-known yet vital gem capital responsible for cutting approximately 90% of all diamonds globally.

In a remarkable feat, this city in the Gujarat state now boasts a record-breaking edifice to accommodate its mammoth diamond industry.

Welcome the newly inaugurated Surat Diamond Bourse, hailed as the ultimate "one-stop destination" for more than 65,000 diamond professionals, encompassing skilled cutters, expert polishers, and savvy traders. The sprawling 15-story complex showcases a stunning series of nine interconnected rectangular structures emanating from a central "spine," all sprawling majestically across a vast expanse of over 35 acres.

Surat, renowned as the largest diamond-cutting center worldwide, takes immense pride in this extraordinary architectural achievement. The Surat Diamond Bourse stands as an emblem of the city's unwavering commitment to excellence, offering a seamless and comprehensive platform that unites the industry's finest talents and resources under one roof.

Surat Diamond Bourse

While Russia and Africa contribute significantly to the diamond supply chain through mining rough stones, it is in Surat that these raw treasures find their true brilliance and artistry. With unparalleled skill and dedication, the artisans of Surat breathe life into these precious stones, transforming them into dazzling masterpieces that grace jewelry collections worldwide.

This awe-inspiring structure cements Surat's prominent status in the diamond trade, elevating its position as a vital player in the global market. As the demand for diamonds continues to shine brightly, the Surat Diamond Bourse shines even brighter, showcasing the city's invaluable contribution to the industry.

In conclusion, Surat's significance in the diamond world cannot be understated, and with the advent of the Surat Diamond Bourse, its presence on the global stage is set to shine even more radiantly. This architectural marvel stands as a testament to Surat's unwavering passion for diamond cutting and trading, solidifying its reputation as an indispensable gem in the world of diamonds.


The architects of the trading center proudly proclaim that it encompasses an impressive expanse of over 7.1 million square feet of floor space, surpassing even the Pentagon to become the world's largest office building.

After four years of dedicated construction work, the project is finally approaching its completion, with the first occupants anticipated to move in by November. However, the journey was not without its challenges, as two years of construction were affected by Covid-related delays. Nonetheless, the team persevered, and the remarkable edifice stands tall as a testament to their commitment and ingenuity.

The grand inauguration of this monumental building is scheduled for later this year, and it is expected to be graced by the presence of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hailing from Gujarat, the Prime Minister has a deep-rooted connection to the region, having previously served as the state's chief minister.

As the final touches are put in place and excitement builds, the trading center prepares to take center stage as a global landmark, showcasing India's architectural prowess and dedication to achieving new heights of excellence.

(Everyday Chronicles) has received exclusive access to new photos, unveiling the breathtaking beauty of the Surat Diamond Bourse's marble floors and light-filled atriums. The captivating images showcase the seamless connection between more than 4,700 office spaces, which serve not only as workstations but also as small workshops for the intricate art of cutting and polishing diamonds.

surat diamond bourse

While individual offices within the Surat Diamond Bourse will make use of traditional air conditioning systems, a significant portion of the building, approximately half, embraces the concept of natural ventilation. This eco-friendly approach to cooling is aimed at reducing the environmental impact and promoting sustainability. Moreover, common areas within the bourse are powered by clean and renewable solar energy, further exemplifying its commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

Rastogi, the visionary behind the project, emphasizes the desire to create something iconic that seamlessly blends with the surrounding context and community. The architects took inspiration from the local environment and the people they collaborated with, seeking to design a building that harmonizes with its surroundings. Rather than adhering strictly to a specific architectural style, the focus was on prioritizing environmental and sustainable design principles throughout the project.

The incorporation of natural ventilation and solar energy not only aligns with modern environmental standards but also contributes to the overall comfort and well-being of those working within the bourse. The initiative to embrace environmentally friendly practices sets a positive example for the construction industry and demonstrates the commitment to responsible development.

surat diamond bourse

In conclusion, the Surat Diamond Bourse stands as a shining example of harmonious design, blending modern functionality with environmental consciousness. By utilizing natural ventilation and harnessing solar energy, the bourse showcases its dedication to sustainability and responsible architecture, setting a new standard for future developments in the region and beyond.

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